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what is laminate floor
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Laminate floor is a hard surface floor covering which consists of more than 90% wood. An abrasion-resistant wear layer and a decorative layer which gives the floor its look are pressed onto a coreboard made of wood-based materials. Laminate floor can display the most varied styles and decors; however, wood reproductions are the most popular ones. Newfloor currently comes in over 10 different styles.

Its wear layer made of melamine resin gives the laminate floor exceptional durability and longevity. To ensure that the floor remains dimensionally stable for a long time, the bottom of the coreboard is provided with one or more impregnated layers, which are referred to as the balancing laminate. For optimum moisture protection and a significant reduction of edge swelling, New floor offers you the combination of aqua Technology edge impregnation and aqua Resist coreboard. Please note, however: Always avoid letting water stand on the surface. Laminate flooring is not suitable for use in damp or wet areas such as bathrooms, saunas, etc.

Levels of use
When you buy a laminate floor, you want it to live up to the demands of its intended area of application. And here is where the levels of use come in: The higher the traffic and load on your future laminate floor will be, the higher you should choose the corresponding category. Hanfeng shows the ideal levels of use for the different areas of application.

Installation methods
The great majority of laminate flooring is installed as a floating floor. With this method, the boards are not attached to the subfloor, which must be tested before installation, but dry fitted over the subfloor and interlocked through a glueless connection mechanism. The second installation method in which the laminate floor is glued down to the subfloor is recommended for high-traffic areas. There, the lamiante floor is glued to the subfloor which must be tested and, if necessary, prepared for this purpose.

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